Automatic chapter numbering

I don’t title my chapters. I tend to write – sometimes out of order – from the viewpoints of three or four key characters, in first-person for one and third-person for the others. I name each chapter after the viewpoint character, which means a lot of my chapters have the same name.

It would make little sense to differentiate my chapters through manual numbering, as they do tend to move around somewhat. Automatic numbering would be the ideal solution.

Edit > Insert > Auto-number. See the Help file for details.

Wow! Excellent! Once again, the help file has proved to be the bane of my existence. :wink: In my defense, I had already completed a search for “auto-numbering,” and I guess that in my skimming I missed the talk of chapter numbering in the giant paragraph.

Which leads to one conclusion: I should read documentation more carefully.