Automatic chapter/scene breaks for imported work?

Is there some sort of formatting or code that could be inserted in my .doc to make scrivener import directly to separate folders/scenes?

I have 50+ chapters/scenes and I’d be able to do a find-replace in Word much faster than individually cutting/pasting the stuff.

(Basically, this novel’s been the story of why I need scrivener: several significant rearrangements that have been nerve-wracking in their sweep. Working it all linearly in Word is something I hope I’ll never have to do again. I’m nearly done, but I’d like to have the option if I can create it.)

There’s not an automatic import and split option in the Windows version yet (this will be coming down the road), but if you insert some sort of text code to indicate your breaks, you’ll be able to use some keyboard shortcuts in Scrivener to go through and find/split relatively quickly. So for instance if you insert a “" marker at every break, once you’ve imported the document into Scrivener you can search for "” and then use the Ctrl+K shortcut to split, jump to the next instant, split again, etc. You can also use the “Find by Formatting” command, so if you have titles for each of your sections it may be worth it to give those a special format that you could search for–color them red, for instance or make them bold and italic–and then when you use the find tool to jump to each instance, you can use Ctrl+Shift+K (“Split with Selection as Title”) to both split the document into a separate piece and to have that new piece titled in the binder according to the section title you formatted.