Automatic file name in IOS not carrying across to MAC

I have searched for the answer to this but it does not seem to have been asked before.

I have created many new files on the IOS and let Scrivener do the auto name of the file. I then synched it, went to the Mac opened Scrivener and the synched-document from my dropbox folder and it was fine, all the new files were there, with their text, but the titles were missing, and they were each named “Untitled Document” - the files that were manually named by me, are named after the synch, but the files that were automatically named by Scrivener were not named after the synch.

Interestingly, I went back to the IOS version on the iPad, and the titles were there, but I noticed they were italicised, and grey, not regular font and black like the titles I put in manually.

So for some reason on IOS, when Scrivener auto-names a text document it does not fix that name. This is quite annoying as it now means that I have to name them on the Mac - that would be fine, but there is no way of invoking the auto title once the document has been created. Is there any way of making the auto-name function on ios permanent - as this is where I am creating most of my documents, not on the Mac.

Other than that synch is working fine.

Thanks in advance

Yes, this is a temporary problem until we release the next upgrade to Scrivener, which will have automatic naming in the same way you see it on iOS right now. It will use the synopsis to fill in the name if one exists, and if not that, the first bit of text inside the file. For now it would probably be best to give things proper names so that they are useful on the Mac. When the upgrade is available, there will be a command that lets you wipe out the names of selected items so that their dynamic names will be used instead—so it won’t hurt anything to work with manual names for now.