Automatic Fonts?

When I open up a new page/text file on Scrivener, it always opens with the font Courier New. I hate this font and tend to use a more handwriting-like font, so I have to manually change it every time. While this isn’t a huge bother, it got me wondering:
Is there an option somewhere to open up a new doc with your chosen font and size every time? For instance, KG Keep Your Head Up, size 14?

I have exactly the same issue. I’ve tried changing fonts in options but nothing changes.

These settings are in Tools/Options... in the Editor tab. New documents you create within the project will be set to use that formatting. Existing documents can be changed to use the new settings with Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style.

Oh my gosh, thank you SO much! This has made my day! HUGS :smiley:

You’re welcome!