Automatic Icon Assignments

Am I the only one who keeps reusing the same document names? Under each chapter, I use similar structurs for meta information: Details, Motivation, Todo, Trash, etc.

Now with the advent of custom icons for the Windows version, wouldn’t it be great to have Scrivener assign the appropriate icons automatically? If you could tell Scrivener to assign icon X automatically when the document name equals Y, that could help maintain visible structures without having to assign everything manually.

Thanks for considering!

On Windows, can you not set up your own document templates, which can do just this for you? I’m a Mac user, so I don’t know about Windows 1.9, but it should be or will be there in Windows 3 (Beta)?



I was referring to the icons in the binder. Is that something you could do via document templates on a Mac?

EDIT: I looked into this - not sure if templates will include custom icons, but for my purposes this is probably too restrictive anyway: It’s not like all my pages allways have the same meta info, so using templates (I guess it will always add the same structure whether I use it or not?) would be an overkill. I’d like to be able to add a single document and have it use a certain icon automatically depending on the title (e.g. “Trash”) - plain and simple.

Document templates are indeed how you would set an icon from the very start. It sounds like you’re thinking that they need to do more than they necessarily can. They can be extremely simple in fact—nothing more than a default blank text file at their most basic (though there would be little cause for doing so). So all you need to do is create one with the icon you want, and leave the rest of the metadata alone. If the idea is for this to be associated with a type of item that uses a certain naming convention, you can establish that as well by giving the template a useful title.

It’s also not by default a structural tool. You could use it that way, by selecting a folder as your template, and having all of its child templates populated automatically. It’s quite handy for that—but you can also just pick one single file as your template and have it created at the selection, just like creating any ordinarily file would do.

I doubt there will ever be anything quite like you describe—fully automatic, it’s just not in the bones of the software—so you might as well make do with what tools it does have for this.

Thanks for the reply. For full disclosure - now with the ability to define customized icons, I’m looking to add some visual structure to my projects (makes it easier to work with). I will look into templates, but I anticipate that learning how to use templates (which I’ve never needed) and then picking the correct one from an ever-increasing dropdown won’t be any more convenient than typing the name and then hand-picking the icon.

Actually my main motive to start this thread was that I have plenty of old projects that could use a brush-up as well. Automatically assigning icons to certain document names would save a lot of time here, while manually assigning templates to already existing documents is either time-comsuming or even impossible. But if the architecture of the program doesn’t allow for this, I understand.

It’s not applicable to the stable version of Windows, but something to look forward to in v3 (I believe it’s already working well in the beta) is the ability to set up automatic templates for folders. So for example you can make it so the Draft automatically selects “Part” template items (which again, maybe only change the icon), and then that template can have its own default set to create “Chapter” template items, and so on and so on.

So if your structural intent here is procedural enough, that may be an interesting approach to look in to, and it negates, or at least mitigates, the concern of replacing one dropdown (icon menu) for another (templates), as the sole mechanism for doing this.

Well that I certainly agree with, it’s not a tool for retroactive editing. But that in particular isn’t too difficult to do, given you can use the Project Search tool to assemble a list of things by name (or whatever criteria you’re working with and wish to embellish), and then select them all and apply the desired icon in one go.

Thanks for the hints and pointers - I already use the beta and will look into that. :wink:

Cool! Well then in that case, check out the Documents ▸ Default Template for Subdocuments ▸ submenu. That’s where you’d set up automatic template assignments. The Mac user manual will describe how they work well enough, you’ll just need to squint around a few symbols and such, here and there. :wink: