Automatic Indents


So I’m coming from Word where the following was possible. (The hyphens are the space between the character name and the left/hanging indent.)

  1. CHARACTER NAME:------------This is the dialog CHARACTER NAME says.

The above would be completed with a bulleted list and after the colon a Tab would move the text to the left/hanging indent.

I’ve attempted to replicate this as follows:

  1. "<$n>. " set to auto complete
  2. then typing the name of the character with the colin.
  3. use the Tabbing after Typing insert option (where tabbing would add a tab) (I’ve also tried allowing tabbing and hitting tab.

Am I missing something? Scrivener just puts in a regular length tab.

The challenge here is that characters with names of different lengths cause the script to look terrible. Where in Word the actual dialogue was aligned nicely.