Automatic Insertion of Recipe Data

I’m starting a cookbook and wondering if Scrivener can help with data insertion. There are recipe writing programs that automatically complete words, e.g. teaspoon, tablespoon, grams, ounces, etc. Does Scrivener have this option? Its not just the layout of information (Ingredients, Steps), but rather help with writing the words that I’m interested in.

Check out the Project/Auto-Complete List menu command. You can manage words here, and you can also add them to this list while writing, by selecting them and right-clicking on them to choose “Add Selection to Auto-Complete List”. If you would like for this to be more aggressive than the standard behaviour (which requires a keystroke to query for completions), use the Corrections preferences tab to disable “In script mode only”. I’d leave the second sub-option, “Only suggest completions from custom auto-complete lists” on, otherwise every single thing you type will query the full dictionary as you write.

Thank you! I shall try that! :smiley: