Automatic Link detection can't work with Find-and-Replace or Additional Substitutions?

For context, I use Windows.
I was fiddling around with the Automatic Link Detection feature. I think it will be helpful for new projects, but I noticed that it didn’t work with the Find-and-Replace feature or the Additional Substitutions feature.
As an example, I could be substituting or replacing “name” with “[[name]]”, thus linking it to a document titled “name.”

If I were to do that now, it wouldn’t detect the links. In fact, trying to pair Autodetect with Custom Substitutions via “name” => “[[name]]” will prevent me from auto-linking said document entirely.

This feature would save a lot of time and feel intuitive. I’d be able to realistically use links in my pre-existing projects. But it might be hard to implement, I don’t know.

I think if anything, something like that would require a command (I’m thinking Edit ▸ Transformations submenu) that checks for existing double-bracket pairs and convert them to links. Doing that automatically would be too potentially destructive, as you might actually need those for some things (wiki posts come to mind, as well as those integrating with Markdown systems that use that formation for special features). At the moment if you need both you would use a typing trick to make sure you don’t trigger the behaviour and then fix it after the fact. With your proposal that would be impossible.

The other problem is what happens when the engine encounters links to items that don’t exist yet. Currently a dialogue box pops up so you can choose where to place the new item. That could be messy if you run a search and replace and end up with ten of these things one after the other—the same would be a potential problem with a command.