Automatic link to documents

Hello, I’d like to know if there’s a way to automatically create a link to a specific document using search engine?
For instance, I want all occurrences of a character name to be linked to their character sheet.


You can drag the Character Sheet from the Binder to a selected Character Name, but that’s just quick, not automatic.

There are probably options with Replacements while Compiling, but I’m guessing you want to use this while writing in the Editor.

Then there’s this option to right-click a Name and choose ‘Open’ and point to the Character Sheet from the Context Menu. But that just the other way around, not automatic.

Thanks for the answer! Sure, but it needs to be manually done at each occurrence if I’m not mistaken. I probably have hundreds of occurrences.

If the name of the character sheet matches the name of the character to some degree, then you generally don’t need a link. Just select and right-click on the term (character name in this case, but this works equally well for any supporting materials), and you’ll find a command to open documents with that name in their titles.

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Thank you both! Nice feature indeed.

That being said, as we can highlight a given style through a document, the same behavior would be great in the search panel to edit multiple occurrences at once I think.