Automatic scaling of images

Hey guys,

just wondering how you would handle this.

As you can see in the screenshot, I am using images for inspiration. I have created several files for environments and included them in the bookmarks for easy access. Now I can see a small thumbnail of the image or click the link to open it in quick reference.

And here comes my question/problem: Every time I open the images, they are damn small and I have to scale the image to fit to screen size. These images are not meant to be included in the final e-book. They are used for me only. So is there any way to open them up and they auto-fit to screen? Would save me a lot of time. Same things apply to opening images in the main editors.

Hope you guys can give me a little tip ;)

Thanks in advance!


Sorry, I can’t think of away to auto scale them. Perhaps others have an idea …

Meantime, when I can’t think of or find answers, I look for other fixes. In this case, perhaps you can copy/paste the text of your “inspirations” into Notes? I know that doesn’t work for figures/pictures, but for the example you showed, if the container app allows extracting a copy, maybe you can still retain and be inspired?

A newly imported image usually opens at 100%.

Any image that has been scaled at any time should reopen at the scale it was set at when last viewed.

If using a trackpad, two-finger pinching will zoom in and out (if enabled in System Preferences > Trackpad > Zoom in or out).

If using the keyboard, CMD > and CMD < also zoom in and out.

Hope this helps.


I have the same request – having images scale to fit automatically – and at least a first step towards a solution: double-clicking an image in Scrivener brings up the “Image Tools” HUD, where “Scale to fit” is actually an option. Now, the only problem is that you have to make this setting manually for each individual image – or am I missing something? It would be really nifty to be able to set this as a default behavior under “Preferences”.