Automatic Shutdown?

For some reason I am endlessly forgetting to close my documents (I usually just shut down the whole program) on my desktop iMac and hen find myself at a coffee shop on my MacBook and there’s the warning about the document already being open, can’t edit, do you want to make a copy.

Ugh. I’m hesitant to work on a copy for fear of getting everything all out of sync.

What do you (the developer and users) think of implementing an optional feature that would close and save documents after some (long) period of inactivity? Maybe with a time interval that was user configurable? That way when I opened the program on my laptop I could get right to work…


Oh, wait. Just found it!

It’s under Preferences–>General–>Automatic Quit

Delay is user configurable–like they read my mind!

What other cool features are hiding in there? :slight_smile:


Glad you found it!

Didn’t know there is such a feature. It was disabled by default and I stuck for some time reading until scroll down for your next post. So much stuff in there!