Automatic titles

I opened a new document, didn’t want to give it a title, started typing, and nothing happened. It didn’t use my first line or so as a new title, which is what I wanted. How do I get this to happen?

Hello Emmryss,
I believe you are looking for the “Automatically name documents on saving” feature. This appears to name an untitled document shortly after creation by using the first few words of the document.
It will rename the title of your document as the program auto saves. This autosave can be set from one second upwards. Mine is set to eight seconds.
Both the auto save and the generate title are on the first Option menu. So it is Tools/ Options / General. Set your autosave called “Save after period of inactivity” to your preference, and a few lines below make sure you check the “Automatically name untitled documents on saving” box.

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