Automatic update Scapple i Scrivener?

I would expect that when importing a Scapple file into Scrivener, this file would automatic update when I chance the Scapple file outside Scrivener.

Am I missing something here, or is it even possible?

When you add resources to your project Binder, you are fully importing a copy of them into the project, so they become separate entities from the originals—no different than if you create a copy of a file on your computer with drag and drop. This way, you can copy the project to another computer and all of your research will remain at your fingertips.

It is possible to link to resources from your Binder, however:

  1. Locate the Scapple file using Finder, select it, and use the File/Make Alias (Cmd-L) menu command.
    A copy of the file will appear with a little arrow badge, indicating it is a link back to the original, rather than a fully copy.

  2. Drag that alias into Scrivener, and then discard the alias link from Finder (you don’t need two copies of the link, most likely, the original and the one now in Scrivener).

You can do this with most any type of file, by the way. There is even a shortcut in Scrivener, the File/Import/Research Files as Aliases… command, so you don’t have to make the alias itself—but at the moment it doesn’t list .scap files on its approved list of files (an oversight) for that dialogue box, so you need to make the link yourself.

Hint: if you get a strange result, try enabling filename extensions in Finder, in the advanced tab of its preferences panel, prior to creating the alias. The manner in which the Mac creates an alias name when extensions are hidden is confusing to other programs. Scrivener will try to import it as a text document, producing gibberish.

Thanks. Works great.