Automatic update window too big on notebook screen

On my new notebook the automatic update screen was so big that I didn’t seethe lower edge to click on to proceed with downloading.
How do I rectify that?.
OR: Could you enable the possibility to scroll down in the update window to reach the lower edge?

I’ve had this problem too

I also have this problem. It only happens when I’m running in that mode that makes things not infinitesimally small on high resolution screens. It makes everything, including dialogue boxes, bigger, but adds no compensation for that fact that they’re too big to fit on your screen in this mode.

If I could just have a setting for larger icons I wouldn’t use the mode at all. It makes changes where there are none needed-- dialogue boxes too big to fit on screen for instance. It forced me to make a large number of changes to other features such as spacing in the binder (which I didn’t even know existed so that wasn’t easy to figure out how to fix, let me tell you). It took forever to get scrivener to look right using this setting, but still majorly flawed because of the dialogue box issue.

The compile dialog box does this sometimes, too.

I have this problem on my new notebook. So I don’t know if it would have happened with the former Beta too. with he second notebook it went just fine.
This time I just downloaded the beta 13 instead of updating. But that won’t work after the release of the finished product, because I#dhave to do a complete new installation each time. Including restart the notebook. With re-setting all my individual choices. :cry:
And what you describe sounds for me that we can’t do anything meaningful from our side.
Updates need to work seamlessly.

I’m not understanding you here. For each update as from beta 11 to 12 or 12 to 13, I uninstall the previous version and then install into a new location (program files/scrivenerb13 ) this time. I’ve never had to reboot my machine. I make sure I save my options and then reload them and away I go. Do you mean something else by individual choices? Why would your restart the notebook?

I also save my spelling list just in case, but it wasn’t needed from 12 to 13.

I’ve left version 1.9x installed and actually used it for something, but have pretty much moved all my current projects (about 6) over to b13.

What they’re talking about is the automatic updater dialog box. Evidently it’s huge. I don’t use the automatic updater, because it’s known to break things. Like you, I wipe the previous install and install new for each update.

But there are other dialog boxes that simply don’t fit (I’ve got a 1920x1080 screen, and they don’t fit). So while the automatic updater needs to be fixed (it does not work properly, and hasn’t since the Beta started), there’s a general problem with Scrivener’s dialog boxes not fitting inside available screen space.

Two bugs for the price of one. What a deal.

RWFranz wrote:

I have not noticed this. Does it happen when people run Windows at 150% or something rather than 100%? Are they unable to make the transition to compensating to everything being bigger? The only menu I’ve noticed which doesn’t work is the sync menu which is too small horizontally to see what questions it is asking or answer them. I ignore it have have it do whatever it wants.

I’ve got Windows at normal size, so far as I know, and I’m experiencing this. Sometimes it’s fine. Sometimes it’s not fine. Dialog boxes very often are off the screen, out of Scrivener’s allotted window (and if you run full screen, that’s out of sight). Some of them form with the upper left corner wherever your cursor happens to be, or wherever you’ve selected a word. I haven’t figured out any consistency to it at all. Right now, it’s not happening with the compile dialog box (just checked). But it has happened in the past with it, putting the buttons off screen where they can’t be reached. And I’ve had problems with large dialog boxes simply crawling their way off screen when I sync to an external folder.

Hi guys, sorry for the troubles you experience with the window sizes. We try to improve it, but the truth is that a big part of the problem lies in the Qt library and they are moving very slowly with the fixes here. With the latest Qt updates we see improvements, but also strange effects, where the same application and hardware settings sometimes work fine, sometimes the windows are too big without a good explanation for the behavior.

Can I suggest that users who do not have High-DPI monitors turn OFF the File > Options > Startup > “Enable High DPI Mode” option and restart Scrivener. Hopefully this will improve your experience.

In general if you experience troubles with the window sizes, please toggle the above option, restart Scrivener and try again. Hopefully one state of the option will give you the expected user experience. Having this option on/off is tricky to auto-detect as many users have a mixed style of monitors. We hope with newer Qt updates this user experience will improve, and we will not need this option at all.

Please, let me know whether this option helps getting your windows back into proper sizes.

I have the same issue as the others. I switched off high DPI mode and relaunched Scrivener. The Project Backup window (triggered at shut down) was smaller. It wasn’t wide enough to fit the Project Backup title; it only fit Project Ba…

I can’t tell about the new version update window until the next beta becomes available. The compile window was too small to show the contents of the three columns. I resized it, and after closing Scrivener and restarting it, the compile window was the size I set it to, so the contents were legible.

The main toolbar and formatting toolbar icons are microscopic even when setting their heights to the maximum of 50 px. So are the binder icons.

A quirk is that when high DPI is on, you can set the Options, Appearance, Binder spacing to 0 px and decrease the space between items in the binder, but that setting doesn’t seem to have any effect on the spacing between items in the collections list. When high DPI is off, the spacing between the collections matches the binder spacing.

When I turned high DPI back on, Scrivener opened in a non-full screen window, but I could not resize the window. I had to toggle between maximized and restored a few times before I could resize the window.

Hope this helps.


Now that you gracefully released Beta 14, I could test it: Indeed it works! disabling hdi screen gets me a smaller ( a very small *g) update window and I can update out of the program.

Perhaps you should write that in your tutorial, so everyone knows how to solve this issue.