Automatic yellow boxes?

Hi: just getting started with Scrivener. Sorry for a stupid question. But I can’t figure out why every time I write the word “McPherson” it appears inside a yellow box? The box looks different from yellow highlighting and doesn’t go away when I remove highlighted color. It looks more like a comment or footnote or annotation box but appears in a brighter yellow and appears to be none of those. No idea. Thanks –

It highlights the moment you type it in? If you look over to the left side of the window, where the binder is, do you see the full binder list or a search result list? Sounds to me like you’re searching for the word McPherson, which causes all hits to be highlighted. Just remove the search term from the toolbar, or click the X button over in the binder sidebar.

You are absolutely right. Sorry for a dumb question; it just seemed so odd. Thanks for replying.