Automatic .zip backup feature would be handy :)

Hi there, I’m quite new to the software and still learning the ropes. Having tested almost every writing piece of software out there for the mac, i’m thus far very pleased with the choice I have made!

I set up today (using Chronosync and my .net account) a daily backup to my Idisk. However, as a previous posted has pointed out on this forum, unless you zip the files, it is a tedious chore downloading the individual files from the server. Therefore it is not practical to have your Scrivener save folder as an automatic backup location.

With this in mind, I have been using the “backup Project to zip” function. However, this is not as ‘simple’ as the normal saving of a file, and sometimes I forget to make a backup.

I would therefore like to know if there are any plans to automate this nice feature in the future. For example, a preference whereby one can select a zipped back up file every hour or when the user exits Scrivener or a tab similar to the normal save button for example. This way, backups to iDisk can once more be totally automated.

Would it also be complicated to add a password protection feature to the zip file within Scrivener? I don’t know how secure the .mac internet servers are.

Maybe you have more important things on your plate, but thought i’d mention it anyway!

Thanks again for a great product - the database (folders and search function) are just what I need to organise my notes.

I ardently agree.

The good news is, this is coming in the next release of Scrivener already.


As Matt says, I’ve already implemented this in 1.5 (out early next year). There is a “Backups” preference pane especially for this, which allows you to choose a backups folder, whether backups should be saved at specific time intervals or on project open or close, and whether they get zipped up or not. (No password protection, though, I’m afraid; I looked into adding it, but there’s no straightforward way when using the commandline tool which Scrivener uses in the background).

All the best,