Automatically Converting Words to Italics


Is it possible to automate having certain words typed in italics? I’m want to make sure all the names of the ships in my book are written in italics but I can’t see a way to easily do this - find and replace doesn’t look like it handles formatting.



You are out of luck, unfortunately.

One of the reasons for eschewing RTF and writing in MMD instead is that the text is immutable. I had a long RTF manuscript, with words italicised as necessary. One day, I changed the font for the whole project, not realising until days later that it didn’t support italics and that all the meticulous formatting had been lost.

In MMD, a word or phrase bound by asterisks will be italicised during compile. No change of font or anything else can wreck this. And it means that words can easily be searched for and replaced with “formatted” text:

FIND: Cutty Sark

REPLACE: Cutty Sark

Other than switching to MMD, users need to make such changes manually (utilising the find command to locate the desired word or phrase) or to copy the text to a word processor and make changes outside Scrivener.

Ah, that’s a shame. Thanks for letting me know.