Automatically detect [[Scrivener Links]]

Just a question - is this feature coming to the Windows version?

“Automatically detect [[Scrivener Links]]”

I am using the trial license right now and Scrivener seems like the best program of its type but for my personal project - this feature is absolutely critical. I was very disappointed to find that only the Mac version has it. Without it, I’m stuck leaning toward another product like MyInfo - which is twice as expensive and not as nice. But I really do need this particular feature for my work.

Any idea if/when this might turn up?


I suppose this is necro-ing a post, but I’m still interested. Has this been added to the Windows version yet?

Scrivener 3 is aiming towards feature parity between Windows and macOS, and when S3 is released for macOS the aim is to have a beta version available for Windows. See the Scrivener blog for details.