Automatically insert document titles into HTML markup?

When I create a Scrivener project in the Paper (APA) template, the name of each document in the “Discussion” folder get’s added to the final .rtf as a subheading on compile.

How can I set up compilation so that the document names are inserted into a HTML-page as subheadings?


I know I can add the document title to the text by inserting <$title> into the document itself. But I don’t want to enter this text manually into each document, and, more importantly, in the markup this will appear as

document title

instead of

document title

, so it is not a solution for me.


You can do it in exactly the same way - use the “Formatting” pane of Compile and tick the boxes for “Title”:

All the best,

Thank you, Keith, and please excuse the slow reply: I had to write a few exams before I found the time to continue my exploration of Scrivener. (By the way, just the simple fact that the Scrivener demo does not count calendar days but actual days of usage, makes me want to buy it! My demo for Circus Ponies Notebook expired before I even had a chance to open it a second time :frowning: What a thoughtful and humane way to do demos, Scrivener.)

Back on topic:

This works perfectly, and my question has been answered :slight_smile: