Automatically Open Scrivener 3 in Full Screen Mode

Does anyone know how to make Mac OS X High Sierra open Scrivener 3 in full screen mode? Every time I launch the app I have to manually enter full screen mode. Thanks, David

You can’t.

The reason is that making the full screen setting persistent reliably caused crashes in an earlier version of Scrivener. The problem was ultimately traced to Mac OS, and we decided it was safer to simply not try to remember the full screen setting.


I’m pretty sure you can build something like that with some Automation (Keyboard Maestro)…

In case anybody’s interested, this simple KM Macro works (at least, it took a couple of minutes to write and test and it’s worked so far :smiley:)

The Pause Until line means that if you have ‘Reopen Project’ ticked in Preferences > Startup, it will wait until the project is loaded before going to Full Screen.

If you have the setting unticked, it will wait till you’ve chosen the project and it’s opened, then go to full screen.

Hope it’s useful for someone…