Automatically open selection...: on or off?

Is there a way to tell whether “automatically open selection in other editor” is activated? There used to be a visual cue, but since version… um… I forget… reduced colour in the design I have to actually click on the button to see if it’s on or off. A few seconds lost and, more important, a bit of a distraction. Or maybe this is a result of having a non-Retina display?


I didn’t know there was an option to always open a file in one editor or the other. On my Mac, when I have an editor window selected it’s a pastel blue, and the other pane is a light gray. It’s definitely a subtle difference. When using the Lock feature, the bar at the top of the frame turns light red. I usually work in the top frame and manipulate the bottom frame by right clicking on the document in the binder and clicking Open > in Bottom Editor so there’s no frustration.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Zero, but I think we’re talking about different things. I’m referring to the button that—in corkboard and outline mode—appears in the footer of the editor pane. The icon is a square with an arrow pointing right. Toggling it on means when you click a document in that editor it opens in the other one.

I don’t turn it on often, but it’s handy sometimes. I’d like to be able to see whether it’s on or not, and since (I think) version 2.7, I can’t. But I’m wondering if that’s due to my old display not showing subtleties other people can see.