Automatically sync simplenote (and others)


Haven’t found this feature yet (or req in forum). But I would like to be able to automatically sync with all external applications, preferable on start in background.


I second that. I use Evernote as a tool for quick, non-project related notes, like new story ideas or scene ideas, and it would be nice to be able to import those notes directly where needed.

Hi, I’d like to add a vote for being able to sync to EverNote - especially since EverNote supports rich text, so at least basic formatting like italics would never be lost. I’ve just begun a writing project on an iPad Mini (very convenient for carting around) and want to carry my backinfo and drafts etc. around with me - but syncing to SimpleNote sheds essential text formatting. I know there’s an iPad version of Scrivener in the pipeline, but I gather it’s still some way away from being ready?

The real problem with Simplenote is that lately syncing is totally screwed up. Used to be so reliable, it’s been weeks that syncing has been hit or miss. No longer an option when a cloud service is unreliable. Evernote is VERY reliable but it’s a pain to export stuff in non html format. It’s doable, but I don’t see why it should be so complicated to do that

I don’t know what your experience is but I had problems with a Windows App for Simplenote named “Resophnote” (a very useful app!). It began to have connection and sync problems, but after a few days it came out that the app used an old api that synced to an old, no longer reliable simplenote server. A day later there was an update and the problems were gone.

With nvALT on the Mac I didn’t have sync problems with Simplenote at all — surely not “hit or miss over weeks”!! So I would be interested whether this is really your personal experience - since I don’t like to rely on a buggy service but I don’t like some service “written unreliable”, too.

I’m pretty sure Scrivener is using the latest API. We put out an update for that some time ago when it came out and I remember doing a bunch of QA testing with it. We do know that Simplenote was having server issues a few weeks ago, but they have stated that everything should be working smoothly now; I was just about to take down the advisory I posted in the forum since I haven’t heard anything in the support channels for about a week. Are you still experiencing problems with it?

Anyway, to address the original question: the reason it doesn’t sync automatically is that the process requires a little more awareness of the steps involved in order to be done safely. When you load up the panel it shows you all of the upload/download status markers and you can make sure that what you are looking at makes sense before clicking the button to continue. Another problem is speed. Scrivener has to poll the Simplenote server for every single note in your database and grab the meta-data for them. This is what it uses to discover new notes that have been assigned to the project, and make decisions about what should be uploaded or downloaded. With the hard disk sync method, it makes the same decisions, but because your hard disk is lightning fast this is no problem.

Scrivener odes indeed use version 2.x of the Simplenote API, so it’s not that Scrivener is using an outdated API.

I never had any Simplenote probs with Scrivener on my Mac - I just wanted to point out that the Simplenote problem was temporarily and only with one App on my Windows machine.

I think Simplenote is a good choice to deal with your text files, with automatic version management (!) and automatic save of a copy of each file to Dropbox, just in case…

… and if you get used to write in MMD syntax, you can have rich text formatting w/o having to use rich text format :slight_smile:.

Another thing that I expected from the sync with SimpleNote is importing all tags.
Then I could use tags: “Project name” and “Character” to sync the document into that folder and if it imported all tags and mapped them into keywords I guess I could also map that keyword to a Collection.