Automatically uncheck all "include in compile" boxes

Hi there,

I´ve been working with scrivener for a long time now and some of my projects are getting very big. Usually I only want to include a few documents in the compile to see, how the wordcount of these scenes combined is. That all new and existing documents are always automatically included in the compile is somewhat of a nuisance for me, espacially when I work on more than one computer and on the new computer, all the boxes, that I manually unchecked, are suddenly checked again. So. Is there a way to automatically uncheck all “include in compile” boxes of all documents at once and set it to “do not automatically include new scenes in compile”? That would really help me a lot.

Yours, Amidala

Hi Amidala

ALT clicking on one item in the compile list will select/deselect all the documents at once.

On a Mac, you can just opt to compile the current selection, a particular folder, etc. Same on Windows?


Briar Kit

Hi Briar,

thanks, that´s definitely a start! I still have the problem though, that new documents are included automatically, is there a way to get rid of that?

I´m using windows 7. :slight_smile:


Sorry, not a Windows user, so I don’t know the answer to that question. Suspect a template file could be modified, but I am not sure. Hopefully, a Windows user will reply with the answer you need.


Briar Kit