Automating New Doc

I am surprised to find I cannot find the menu or sub-menu containing cmd-N. :grimacing:

I’m trying to automate the creation of a new document in a project using Keyboard Maestro.

Where is the silly thing?

Project → New Text



Thank you for that. I couldn’t find that for the life of me.

I guess you must have been looking under “File” where it is in most programs!

Something to be aware of, with regards to automation based on menu command names, is that this specific menu command can change its label depending upon whether there is a default subdocument template in effect at the current position in the binder. For example, in the stock “Novel” project template there is a “Characters” folder, and if you select that and examine the Project menu, you’ll find the command has been changed to “New Character Sketch”.

So if that might be an issue for you, and you can target menu commands by their position instead of by their name, that would be more resiliant.

P.S. A Mac tip is to watch the menu bar when using a keyboard shortcut that you know does something, but you aren’t sure where it is coming from. The root menu name will briefly flash two or three times whenever a shortcut is used from it. That will at least narrow it down a bit, even if you may still have to poke through submenus.

Targeting by position does seem to be the better route.