Automating the compile process

Hi there,

Is there a way that I can automate the compile process so that I can hit one button to produce some pre-defined compiled books?

Currently I always build 3 version of my novels as I am working on them - one .doc standard manuscript version, one kindle version (so I can do read-throughs) and one Markdown version (for ultimate safe compatibility).

To do this I am having to hit compile, select each preset in turn, hit compile, and it is quite tedious.

It would be nice if I could batch these up in some way. Is this possible?

My sense is that one would have to accomplish this via use of an external keyboard macro or scripting utility. Such utilities commonly mentioned here on the forums seem to be AutoHotkey for Windows and Keyboard Maestro for Macs. There may be other such that would also work… for example for Windows… possibly AutoIt, KiXtart, WinBatch, VBScript, PowerShell…

To get a sense of this, search the forums for topics such as “automating”, “AutoHotkey”, “Keyboard Maestro”, etc.

A post dealing with this on the Mac side can be found here (see/follow link at its bottom for additional info/example)…

Hope that helps.

What about starting with markdown output and converting that one document to various other outputs, such as .doc/.docx and Kindle? My preliminary searches turn up Pandoc, but I don’t know anything about that. If you’re comfortable with scripting, you might be able to associate the markdown extension with your own conversion script so that you compile to MMD and then double-click on the file to make your custom script convert to doc & ebook (and any other formats you might want).

I initially started in Markdown and using Pandoc, however it is a massive faff trying to get it to output a standard manuscript. It produces a great ebook with minimal fuss (just some CSS tinkering) - but trying to make it underline emphasis when exporting to DOC? No luck with that after 2 days of prodding.

Ah well. I guess I’m back to manual compiling.

It would have been nice just to have a batch compile function in Scrivener itself. Just something that multiple presets can be pushed onto and run with one command.

You might post this in the Wishlist subforum. Don’t know if they’ve already considered such… or what all the options and pros vs. cons involved might be.