Autonumbering figures and tables

How can I auto number figures and tables using this style?: fig. 3.4, fig. 3.5… fig. 3.27 or table 7.1, table 7.2, etc.

Thanks in advance.

Go to the Help menu in Scrivener – there you will find a Placeholder Tags List.


Thanks for your response but…

The problem is, I have a huge project and I use the tags <$n> for every chapter title and <$hn> for every subtitle, and It works like a charm. But how can I autonumber figures and tables? I want to use the same chapter number, a dot and then the figure and table numbering, one numbering for the figures and one for the tables.

Can you help me in choosing the right tags for every list?

The documentation in Placeholder Tags List does have a full explanation of how to do this in the section “Figure and table numbering” – all I could do is repeat what it says there (I’m just another user, and I don’t claim to have any special expertise in sorting out this sort of numbering – it can get quite complex). You might also look at the section on “Using named auto-numbering streams” and the section on Compound Tags. You are likely to need to use something like the example it gives there – “<$n:figure:<$parentposition>>”. If you get stuck, you could email technical support directly.

Best of luck with it,

Thank your very much. The key was the tag <$parentposition> (I was looking only in the autonumbering part of the help file!).

I think I’ve found the correct answer! Here it is:

Figura <$parentposition>.<$sn>

The first Tag <$parentposition> returns the chapter number. And the second Tag, <$sn> is a sequential numbering.

I hope it will work ok when changing chapters, as the <$n> tag is only used in every chapter title.

Thank again for the valuable clue!

Sorry, but the expression does not work… :frowning:
It only works for one level documents. If your document have multiple levels (chapter 7.1.1), the Tag <$parentposition> only returns the parent position of the last level, not the first folder of the structure.

For expample, if you have this structure:


The parent of document1 is folder, but the parent of document2 is not folder… is document1!!!

Does exist a Tag that could do the trick?