Autonumbering glitches

More strange autonumbering behavior, following up my earlier post. Thanks to everyone who helped with that one. In getting a complicated chapter into Word for the publisher, two issues remain. Kind of complicated, but perhaps an expert can help.

First problem
First-order heading numbers that should be consecutive are not. I have scrupulously (I think…) made all references to figures, equations, headings, etc. using, in the case of first-order (A) headings, <$n#ah:tag> EXCEPT where that number should be defined, in this case in the heading itself, in which case I use <$n:ah:tag>. That should number the headings consecutively. I thought this worked, but in section 11.4 there is a forward reference to Section 11.7, made using the n#ah construction, but that reference came out as 11.5. More problems occur later in the chapter.

Of note: if I compile using Treat compile group as complete manuscript then the headings are numbered properly. The short section in which the numbering fails contains one back-reference (9.<$n#ah:a9c>) and the forward reference noted above (11.<$n#ah:a11h>) that is improperly incremented.

Second problem
I have a lot of autonumbered equations, numbered using <$n:equation:tag> except where cross-referenced (in which case I use n#equation). This works fine except that after Equation 11.13 the numbering resets to 11.1 and continues from there. The only $rst commands are in the first line of the chapter (<$rst_equation>, <$rst_figure>, etc.). Here are the two consecutive statements (separated by many paragraphs), the first of which compiles as 11.13 and the second as 11.1:

Eq. 11.<$n:equation:dpc> (blah, blah, blah) Eq. 11.<$n:equation:chempo>

The tag for the real Eq. 11.1 is “fourier”, so it is not an issue of reusing an earlier tag.

Advice appreciated!

Solved. Silly, silly error on my part. I had an earlier, inactive version of the chapter in the manuscript. After trashing it, problems solved. D’oh!

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You forgot to first say how much of a * Scrivener is and threat to use some other software.

But seriously, to your merit you looked for, found and fixed the problem.
Errors happen. A silly error is one you don’t quite try to fix.