Autosave in Scrapple?

Is there an autosave function in Scrapple? I can’t seem to find one and after an unexpected shutdown I seem to have lost quite a bit of work. I am using Scrapple on Mac OS X 10.6, if that matters. Basically every other piece of software I use regularly has an autosave feature, and it seems pretty standard these days, so I am a bit surprised that Scrapple does not seem to have one. Is there a reason for this, or is it something that might be implemented in a future version?

EDITED TO ADD: I know that 10.7 and 10.8 have native autosaving features, so I guess I am wondering if there is any chance of an autosave feature for those of us still using 10.6, or if the only way to get autosave in Scrapple is to update my OS.


You’re right that the only way to get autosave in Scapple is to update to 10.7. Scapple uses the standard OS X document-based application model, the same as TextEdit, Pages and suchlike. This means that OS X determines how it saves, and it also allows it to get auto-save “for free” on 10.7+ since OS X handles that automatically.

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And the name of the program is Scapple, without an ‘r’. :wink:

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