Autosave Modification or Option

Hi y’all. I’m still chuggin along with my screenplay, with much credit going to Scrivener. I’m very pleased with all of the great changes implemented since the “Gold” days.
One idea i’d like to put out there for consideration is some modification of the way Scrivener saves. I’d personally prefer a user-initiated save with optional autosaves at specified intervals. As it is, it makes it hard to work off of my USB drive. I’ll write something, pause, start writing again, but there will be a lag as the data is written… okay, now what i wrote shows up… If there could be an option in the way it saves (traditional + autosave vs “constant”), that would be great.

Wadya think?


Preferences > General allows you to change the auto-save period. Change it to something big (e.g. 300 seconds so it only auto-saves every 5 minutes), then just use manual save (cmd-S).

Oh… how embarrassing. That must be new… i bet (don’t answer that). I apologize profusely. For penance i will go into the forums and try to answer some equally dumb questions ; )

PS FYI, my laptop screen is a measly 800 x 600, and i can’t view the full preference pane. I can save changes by hitting enter, or by importing prefs from my other computer, but if you can think of any simple fix for that it might be cool for some people.

Umm… we won’t answer it then :wink: