Autosave not working

My automatic save after a period of inactivity (set at 2 seconds) appears to have stopped working. I think that this might have started after my recent upgrade to v1.6.1.0 (but I’m not sure about that). I’m using Windows 8.1 and I’d be very grateful for any comments or suggestions. Thanks.

Could you elaborate how you’re observing that the auto-save isn’t working? I haven’t seen any other reports on this, so the more details you can provide, the better. Are you unable to save in all your projects or just a specific one? Scrivener should pop up a warning if it’s not able to save–are you seeing this?

Hello MM,
Thanks for your response.
I usually just work on the corkboard and now I’m wondering if the autosave function doesn’t work in this mode. I can manually save and the little asterisk appears when I’ve been working on a card and move onto another one.
I’ve just checked the scrivenings and the autosave fuction is working fine there.
It looks as though it’s my mistake!