Autosave On/Off

Hi Keith,

Any chance the Autosave feature could be turned off when needed? I would love this, for the follwoing reasons:

  • the AS function turns a notebook’s hard drive on all the time, wasting battery and causing noise.
  • when opening a document just to check if it is the latest version, the AS automatically updates its date, making an older version become the latest.

I don’t like the idea of changing the AS time to the longest possibile time, because sometimes I like to have it on, with the preferred time settings. An On/Off option would let me turn it on when needed, off when just browsing around.

Another (possibly more difficult to implement) option is to make the first AS happen after a longer delay, for example a couple minutes. If you are just browsing, the document’s date will not be changed. If you re writing, it will start working as usual after the first save. But the On/Off switch would still be lovely.



Sorry, but I don’t think so. If auto-save were switched off, there really ought to be visual indications about what is and is not saved etc, then there would have to be a panel telling you that you have unsaved work etc… So, I dunno… It would be a big change and the auto-save is really built right in.

All the best,

Ok, the date issue can be solved by inserting a date/time variable somewhere (maybe the preface). The noise can be solved by replacing the hard drive with an SSD disk…