autosave stops and data is lost if you exit the document

Anybody noticing the autosave have stopped? I’ve had this happen 3 times now (tech support is working with me but we don’t know why it’s doing it…yet)

It’s not just the autosave, but last night I was typing a great scene and I noticed that the beginning of each sentence would NOT capitalize the first letter of the first word as usual (that was a warning).

I did a backup, exported the files, but none of those changes were working.

My project files are on my DropBox folder and am wondering if that’s being a problem. I’ll post a question on anyone using DropBox and see if anything weird is going on.

I’ve tried the new Beta version and it gives the same problem.

I really like this program but I need it STABLE.

any ideas would be great!

thanks, Kerry

Hi Kerry,

Sounds very unusual. You’re doing the right thing by working with the tech support team, who will be best placed to help.

Hello Kerry,
At the risk of possibly stating the obvious, have you checked that the menu Options, Corrections option is still set to capitalize start of sentence, and Options, Backup is still on auto. My PC crashed once and for some reason these had changed a few settings; although it could have been memory loss (mine, I was swilling gin and tonics.)

Hi. I see you’re in Calgary? I’m originally from Edmonton. Moved to Kentucky in 94. I miss Vancouver, BC though. And I miss the rockies.

I’d move back if it wasn’t for the clouds of mosquitoes (Edmonton has too many…does Calgary?) and the arctic tundra.



Thanks for all the replies.

I read up on issues with having your project files on the cloud drives (which I did :blush: ) so I moved them to my hard drive and have configured my backups to deposit on the DropBox.

I’ll give that a whirl.

Also of interest: when I’m at work I will remote desktop into my home pc (runs win7 64bit) and write from there. I suspect that issues were occurring due to: remote access + dropbox sync + scrivener program.

in short, too many cooks would cause the scrivener program to malfunction. I also noted that my ISP for home (cable modem) was having a slow upload (too many neighbors playing games maybe) and that may have caused the issue.

I looked over this forum site, and it seems like most lost data occurs due to my scenario.

So, I’m giving it another whirl.

PS I thought about installing scrivener on the computer at work but then i have to sync the project files…thus I’m remoting in.