AutoScroll Feature, etc.

Hello, dear Developer.
May I enquire on the upgrade policy of Scrivener (I do understand that it is neither free, nor - from now on - a donationware)?
Furthermore, I have a request or two:

  • Would it be possible for you to implement an AutoScroll feature in the Full-Screen Mode (either seamless, vertical automatic scrolling, or page-by-page automatic skimming, or ideally, both - and at any rate with on-the-fly user-definable speed/interval)?

  • Also, I came across a notion that you do not intend to implement the properties that define scriptwriting software (as opposed to software designed for creative writing in general - mind you, I do not doubt the far greater creative merit of traditional literature compared to that of scriptwriting, but I am sure you agree that scriptwriting software will require a greater complexitiy, in particular organisational (production-related) faculties, etc.) than a general writing application. Would you consider developing at least a module specific to the needs of scriptwriters (such as a plugin, etc.), if a large number of users requested it? In that regard, I invite your attention to Montage (as much as I like it, my absistence from buying it I ascribe to: 1.The price - it strikes as too steep; 2.The lack of a graphical storyboarding facility (e.g., a CorkBoard).
    Thank you for your reply.

    Art Khachatrian

The developer probably has a headache after reading your letter.

  1. It’s not free, it’s $34.95. That one license buys you five seats, i. e., you may install it on 5 computers. That is a huge bargain, given the kind of software it is, as you will find out when you try it for a while.

  2. There is a current feature-freeze. The developer needs a rest in order to write a book with the software he created.

  3. Scrivener is strictly a drafting tool. For production elements, you need Final Draft or something else, and believe me, they have very steep prices.

You might try reading the Scrivener FAQ and downloading the software for a trial, before you send in egregious suggestions for improvement, and then ask that it all be for free!

PS. The developer is not this rude. And I don’t work for him.


I’m the developer of Scrivener - thank you for your comments and interest.

Scrivener has never been donation-ware - I’m not sure where you got that idea from. The 5-licence thing that Druid mentioned is actually a mistake in the FAQ. The price gives you a “household” licence for all 1.x versions. This means that you can install it on any computers you own or primarily use, or on computers in your house used by family members. So, this might be one or two computers in an average household, or six or seven if every family member has a desktop and laptop and you want to use it at work (though you have to take reasonable steps to ensure that no one else would use your copy of Scrivener on a work computer).

The upgrade policy is that all 1.x updates are free, but there is likely to be an upgrade fee (perhaps half the price again) for a major release such as 2.0. However, Scrivener has been on sale for a year and I’ve only just hit 1.0 - there have been 1.01, 1.02, 1.03 and 1.10 releases in that time. 1.10 is very much like a 2.0 release except that is a free update! There are no plans as of yet for a 2.0 release. I imagine a 2.0 release would be pretty much a re-write, using Objective-C technology and Core Data and other newer technologies that would require so much work as to justify an upgrade fee. But that won’t happen for a year or two. My priority is making sure that 1.x is as stable as possible and the best software it can be.

As for scriptwriting features - I’m afraid that I have no plans in this regard to extend it any further than is already available. Scriptwriting features were added at the behest of a number of users who wanted to use Scrivener for scriptwriting (it wasn’t initially planned as scriptwriting software). Scrivener is pretty much intended for getting out a first draft, and it works well for that, whether for novels or scripts (the current series of Spooks on BBC1 was drafted and partly written in Scrivener, for instance). It is not intended as a production tool and it would be a mistake for me to try to take it in that direction, as it would fall outside of my expertise and interest.

Hope that answers your questions.

All the best,

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Dear Keith.
Pardon, I took Journler for Scrivener: of course, Scrivener had never been a donationware. Thank you for the reply. My questions (most of them) are answered. I have been “test-driving” Scrivener, and so far am generally very satisfied with the program. It is as highly regarded as a writing application as is the SuperDuper! as a backup utility. My compliments - what an exceptional acclaim!

Apparently, my mistake triggered the excitement of our friend the Druid!
Do mind that I never intimated that Scrivener must be a freeware, or donationware for that matter. As for the steep price, there the object of my reference was Montage (even more so - The Final Draft, MM ScreenWriter and the like - you see, I don’t earn my living by writing scripts, but pan to), not Scrivener. Druid, you did manage to cause me to blush quite unjustifiably. Thanks for your answer, nevertheless.

And vic-C, my compliments on your style. Very exciting, very eloquent. Better than Wilde’s. In the world as it has become lately (heil America!) you’re infinitely more marketable than the classics. And boy- and girl- bands beat Bartoli and Graham to a lifeless pulp in terms of popularity and success. Could you teach me a trick or two to get there? But I do appreciate your sense of humour.

Good luck.

Excuse me, Leo, but I only read what you write. In your first sentence, you ask if Scrivener is freeware or donationware, and nowhere in your later comment do you mention Montage.

But then, you also think that vic-C is a stylish writer. What can I say? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he’s very stile-ish.




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Just to stoke the fire a bit. Our new friend did actually mention Montage. :smiling_imp:

Wise move Vic. You’ve been warned about that before. Leave it alone! :open_mouth:


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My Liege
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