autosplit by paragraph?

is there a command for automatically creating discrete documents from text pasted in a document?

if i paste text from omnioutliner for example, i sometimes want to have each row as a separate scriv document, and it would be nice not to have to do this manually - very time-consuming


I don’t think you can auto-split when pasting in text. But you could start with a document outside of Scrivener (or export a document from the binder), and then use the File->Import and Split feature. The key to making this work would be to split on a carriage return, which you can enter by hitting OPT-RETURN in the “Sections are Separated by” text box. It should show a pilcrow character.

You may also have a better time exporting from OmniOutliner as an OPML file, and then dropping that file into the Binder. That will not only split up everything by the original outline, but preserve the hierarchical order of the items. Options for how this happens are in the Import/Export preference pane.