Avast tries to block Scrivener 3

I use Avast Free Antivirus, but it is a pain in the you know where. And now out of the blue today, it changed its mind about Scrivener 3, and it blocked it. This was scary, as Avast didn’t give notice that it was blocking Scrivener3, and Scrivener 3 just vanished in the middle of doing something. When I tried to restart it, I couldn’t because it looked like Scrivener.exe had just vanished from my computer (file managers couldn’t find it). I didn’t know what was going on, and I probably mistakenly thought, well, the only way to get Scrivener.exe back would be to reinstall Scrivener 3. So I went through an uninstallation and reinstallation process. During the reinstallation process, Avast Free Antivirus gave notice that it was blocking it. At that point I knew what was going on. I directed Avast to make exceptions for the Scrivener installation process and Scrivener.exe itself. And Scrivener 3 is back, and doing well, so I am posting this simply in case this experience is of use to someone else.

I have done a lot of reading on the subject.
Used to pay for Norton.
I now use what is built into Windows 10.
I tests up there with the top now.
Run free Malwarebytes to scan occasionally.

Most antivirus software works like this - it’s how it prevents a rogue program taking over your computer.

What varies between each one, however, is the ease at which YOU get to say “Hang on, I want this software to run, thank you” according to the settings of said AV.

Some AV seem better at communicating their responses better than others, alas.