Avoid empty first lines after compile

Not sure if this can be done in Scrivener or in Word or maybe in both or if it’s possible at all. But after my compile I have a 327 page document and random pages throughout begin with an empty line (because the page break coincides with an empty line between paragraphs). Is there a way to not have these? Or to delete all empty first lines of a document?

Googled and searched the forums and didn’t find anything, but I was hoping to print today, so I’d be thankful for some hints.


One thing you can do is add a section separator. In most books, if there would be a blank line at the top or bottom of a page, there is an asterisk to denote that there is a break. You can do this in Scrivener under the “Layout” pane of Compile - tick “Replace empty line separators that fall across pages” and choose a separator (it’s not possible to remove the empty lines completely because this would require complete re-layout for every line removed, which can end up crashing the text system).

Hope that helps.

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Does that mean I can, then, use find and replace in Word to find that separator? Sounds good. But I don’t seem to have the option in Scrivener:

Was that feature maybe dropped? Or should I have that tick box somewhere?