Avoid floating figures in MMD -> Latex

Hi all,
I am writing a report in scrivener using multimarkdown and generating a Latex using the “MMD to Latex” option in the compilation (using the memoir article template). Ideally, I want something like:

section 1
figure for section 1
section 2
figure for section 2

but what is happening is something like

section 1
figure 1
figure 2
section 2

What is a good way to handle this? Am I able to place something the “leader” or “header” of the memoir documents to make the figures not float?

From what I understand, I should be able to go to the raw latex and replace \figure{} to \figure{}[h] but I’ll have to do that manually to each figure. Besides, if I make any edits in Scrivener and compile again, these changes will be lost. Is there any way to specify no float at the heading level?

MultiMarkdown generates figure floats with the [htbp] options, so the engine will prefer where you place it, but if that spot isn’t optimum it will move on to other placement options. As MMD has no way of customising output, the float options are something you would have to use raw LaTeX syntax for. Scrivener can make that process easier of course, but I would question myself on whether I just need to fix something here and there because the document doesn’t look as good as it should, or is there a type of figure I need to have more predictable? You can certainly get into customisation if you want, but for one-offs or page optimisation that may change from one compile to the next, it’s probably best to just change the .tex file yourself while you’re proofing it. The overhead for creating customisation or typing in syntax instead of just plopping in an image is too high for transient adjustments.

I don’t understand why you would want to do that to each image. Seems like that would create more proofing work for yourself than you would need to otherwise. I’d just let the engine handle the optimum layout for you, and tweak things only if it gets something wrong.

Is there any way to specify no float at the heading level?

I’m not aware of anything—the issue is that you are putting images into figure floats (which you’d generally want, so you can have captions and cross-refs). They are floats, so you’re essentially asking if there is a way to have a float not be a float. They may be a way of doing that, but it’s not something I have any experience in doing. I’d check tex.stackexchange.com.