avoid work wherever possible

I wish there was a way i could auto correct teh as the and don;t as don’t - you get my drift.
and if you’re going to suggest i do that in word - i ask - why would i talk to my mother when i just came home with madonna?
thanks for a great product.

TextExpander is the current darling. There are others, perhaps. But it’ll work globally in every application on your mac.

No, it won’t. (I’m sure I’ve had this conversation before…)

Textexpander will work in most Mac applications - and definitely those that use the built-in OSX text system, like Scrivener - but not all. It depends what text editing system is being used, and how much that system has been tweaked.

(This isn’t to rag on Textexpander, which is a great app, but just to clarify.)

Incidentally, may I use the title of this thread as my motto?

I would never suggest Word, but what I would like to do is tell a little story. When I used Word with autocorrect, I found my typing skills in every other program to be horrid - I wrote ‘teh’ and ‘adn’ and the like constantly. When I turned off autocorrect, my typing skills and accuracy improved dramatically after a week or so, since I no longer had Word autocorrect reinforcing bad typing habits and incorrect finger sequences.

That is all.


why not. i’m using it to define my life.