Avoiding bad line breaks?

Is there anyway to prevent a particular bad line break?

For example, when referring to a .22 caliber pistol, I’m getting a line break between the period and the digit 2. Is there any way to tell it not to break the line at that point?

I’m afraid not. That’s a bit of an odd one, though - obviously the text system is interpreting the period in that instance as a full stop at the end of a sentence. Unfortunately I have no control over this, as this is handled by Apple’s text system…

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I’ve encountered similar “bad breaks” myself from time to time, and I don’t know of any way around them - besides exporting into a ‘proper’ word processor like Word or Pages, of course.

Okay, thanks. I expect that importing it into a word processor before printing the final manuscript would make sense anyway, and would probably fix this and any other similar problems.

I don’t know if there’s a way of getting round it in the same way, but someone started a thread on the Nisus Writer Pro forum:

nisus.com/forum/viewtopic.ph … e2e444ce24

about exactly the same issue. A solution is suggested of using a zero-length non-breaking space which is available in Unicode, U-2060, immediately after the punctuation mark. However, while there is a solution to getting that into a Nisus document, I don’t know if it would be possible in Scrivener. It’s available in the character palette: choose <View:Code Tables Unicode> and scroll down and choose 2060 … you see nothing, but the Character Info says “WORD JOINER”. It’s not available in all fonts, but if you choose one of the ones in which it is, you can then “Insert with Font”. Something is inserted, but there is no visible space added. Courier, Helvetica and Monaco are fonts which support it.



Perhaps Amber or someone more geeky than me could find a way of making access to it easier.

That’s available in Scrivener in exactly the same way… I could add it to the Edit > Insert menu, in fact, if it is something that is really useful (that way you could set up a keyboard shortcut for it).