Avoiding file name change on sync?

When syncing text, my file names very unfortunately are changed by Scrivener from

Name.txt to Name -00-.txt where 00 is some numbers without meaning to me and causing the creation of duplicate files and really making sync painful.

So my question is how do I avoid this unwanted file name change and keep my Name.txt name?

Thank you.

You can’t. Those numbers are the internal ID numbers that Scrivener uses to recognise which documents in Scrivener those files should be synced with, so without them, Scrivener couldn’t sync at all - please see the Help file, or click on the “?” button in the sync sheet, for more information.

As a side note, this naming scheme doesn’t cause duplication of files. The number is the ID by which Scrivener recognizes the file and knows to overwrite the existing copy rather than making a new document. So the only reason you should be getting duplicates is actually if you’re changing the title outside of Scrivener and deleting/altering this number.

exactly, the problem arises when trying to sync. to sync with another folder (the Writer folder in Dropbox to be specific). whenever a file is created on e.g. iPad, then synced to the Scrivener /notes or /drafts folder and imported into Scrivener by folder sync and then synced back to the original folder.

the folder sync is good but could be improved to make life easier. by e.g. allowing custom destination folders or file naming.

(I am well aware of options like SimpleText (which I truly and intensely HATE), Notebooks (which is ok and has nice features like moving files), Notesy, Nebulous Notes (which is an excellent text editor) but I am stupid and want to use Writer on the iPad)