Avoiding Orphaned Titles

I’m compiling a PDF and some section titles are getting orphaned (with avoid widows and orphans enabled). I’ve had a look around but can’t seem to find any way to prevent orphaned titles without putting each new titled section after a page break. Am I missing something? I could put the titles in each document and use the keep with next functionality, but I’d prefer to avoid something so heavy-handed. Thanks.

Keep with Next is exactly what you need for this. Widow and orphan control refers only to keeping the first and last lines of a paragraph together, so won’t affect single-line titles. You don’t need to put the titles on the document though - just use KWN in the section layouts of Compile.

Oh, hell. I never considered that I could use Format menu in the Compile sheet! Perfect. Apologies for the silly question! :slight_smile:

Please could you kindly elaborate on this solution? I have the same issue (orphaned titles for level 3 and level 4 titles) but I can’t see how to enable “KWN” when I edit the section layouts of compile. If I select the title in the format tab, I can’t see any option for KWN if I right click or in the menus.


[EDIT: I found it in Format / Paragraph / Keep with Next] but it’s already enabled for all my titles, so not sure why it doesn’t work for some. Any idea?