Avoiding unwanted file close/sync - I wish there was a confirmation button first

This might seem silly, but because I use a lot of folders and files in Scrivener for iOS, I often lose track of where exactly where I am and go back too far in the binder and the app immediately begins to sync. Then I have to wait till the sync is finished and reopen the file to continue working.

This doesn’t happen when I use the app on my Mac, but in iOS since the binder can go backwards far enough to close the file, it happens pretty often to me.

I try to be aware of where i am in the folder hierarchy but I really want to be thinking about what I’m writing, not worrying about that.

Not sure if there’s any advice about it, but I guess I’d love if there was a popup that would say “Close file?” With yes/no.

Automatic sync in iOS Scriv is an option you can turn off. How about that?

Oh perfect thanks! I didn’t know that.