Awesome, flexible program

I’m a happy and amazed user of Scrivener. I’m using it to write a large grant application, which is definitely NOT what the program is meant for, but it’s flexible enough to handle it. I’ve discovered that, while it doesn’t claim to be a database program in any way, with a certain amount of planning (some of it after the fact :slight_smile: ), it can do a fair amount in that direction.

If one structures keywords, notes and synopsis, a little bit of coding allows one can do an amazing amount with exported files. For example, I’ve used the synopsis field to list budget for each project each year. I’ve automated turning that into an Excel spreadsheet with the budget information. I’ve also coded the automatic creation of a Latex table cross-tabbing projects and associated individuals.

Once I’ve got this grant in, I’ll look over my code and see if there is anything of general enough interest to post to the boards. Thanks to Keith for such a super program and to all the members of the L & L forums, without whose helpful postings I never would have gotten this done.

Thanks ghoetker for your kind words, and for sharing how you use Scrivener. I try to make Scrivener as flexible as possible so that it can be used for a wide range of projects, so it’s great that you have found a new use for it. And if there is anything you are able to share with other users once it’s done, that’s fantastic.

Thanks again! Have a great weekend,