B2: Minor UI bug: "About" screen cannot be closed

This bug was already reported for B1, and it’s still there. The About screen needs a close button or a “click anywhere to dismiss” behaviour.

No, this is fixed. It can’t have “click anywhere to dismiss” behaviour, because you need to click on the scroll bar. Instead, like many About boxes, it gets dismissed whenever it loses focus (ie. when you click back into the main window).

Ah, thanks for the explanation. I assumed that clicking into the main window just sends the About box to the back, and I didn’t use Exposé to check if my assumption was correct.
Actually, this incorrect bug report is your fault :wink: Scrivener’s About box looks exactly like the About box in Ulysses, which is why I expected it to behave similarly. In Ulysses, the About box also has a text field with a scroll bar, but you can dismiss it by clicking anywhere on the window area that surrounds the text field.