[B23] Project Search for Custom Meta-Data with operator "Any Word" yields invalid results

Greetings – To reproduce this behavor, create a Custom Meta Data field in the Tutorial and add unique words to the field in three different documents. I used r1, r2 and r3. Now do a Project Search for the words, in my case “r1 r2 r3”.

The expected results are displayed when we search in “All” with operator “Any Word”.

But no results are shown when we limit our search to the Custom Meta field in which the words actually appear. No results either when searching the Custom Meta field with the regex term: “r1|r2|r3”. Correct results when searching for the same in “All”. We do get a correct result when searching for a single word in Custom Meta.

Thanks for taking a look

Cheers - Jerome

Additional notes on this bug. When we use the dropdown to restrict the search to our meta data field , the search’s background prompt will display “All (Any Word)” rather than show the field specified. Also finding that if we replicate our meta data field in Doc Notes for each document, the corresponding “Notes (Any Word)” search works perfectly.

These glitches in meta data search possibly represent an implementation yet to be completed, rather than a bug proper. But when a beta is deemed a Release Candidate, it seems wisest to report any release impediments encountered.

Cheers - Jerome