[B26] Compile: Footer settings save; but not reflected in the compiled output

I have a custom compile format for outlines. I imported it into my formats. My settings include a footer configuration that looks like


However, when compiled, Title and modifiedDate were not converting (potentially a different issue-- I make a separate post for that). The placeholder remained as-is; not translated. To test, changed the footer to


The placeholders still did not work, but the $TITLE placeholder did not change to PROJECTTITLE.

Another test-- I deleted the footer completely. The compiled output continues to use the original footer.

I also tried to save, save and close out and reload-- but none of those changed the behavior. The interesting thing is that the UI saves and shows the latest footer settings, but compile seems to have older settings persisted somewhere-- preventing the new footer settings from working.

Hi mstep,

Sorry for the long delay in responding.

To clarify your issue, were these in the footer for First Pages or Main Pages?


This was on the main pages. with [B32], PROJECTTITLE seems to be working now. Also, the modifiedDate placeholder does not work in header and footers (as noted in the all placeholders documentation). So, it looks like this was finally fixed. I’ll play with it a little more and update.