[B26] Page Break configured in Default Separators not apply to as-is during compile

I have a title page configured with just the following

by <$fullname>

the as-is section layout is applied to the title page.

I’m expecting since I only have one title page, that title page will print and then there should be a page break before my first chapter synopsis begins. What I am noticing when compiling to DOCX or PDF is the title page prints and the chapter synopsis prints right after it-- no page break.

I’ve noticed, in compile settings, if “Title” is not checked for Chapter Number or Chapter Number and Text (whichever one I’m using), the Title Page is not followed by a Page Break, even if the Separator setting demands one.

I would classify that behavior as a bug- If the configuration between items is configured, it should not have any bearing on the properties of one it or the next (unless clearly communicated). If I switch from Section A to Section B and want a page break between them, it should be mutually exclusive as to whether I want the title of the previous section to appear in the document. Hence why I believe it is called a default separator.