B26 Project statistics selection word count

The selection word count doesn’t work. If you click on Proj>Statistics, selection words will be zero. But if you then click on the options tab and then back on the statistics tab, it does work.

Can you give me steps to reproduce this? I’ve tried using existing projects and creating new projects and using Project Statistics, but so long as I have documents selected in the project I always get the proper results. (Note that the “Selection” in Project Statistics refers to the selection of entire documents in the binder, outliner, or corkboard, vs. the selection of snippets of text in the editor.)

Sure. If I select a single file/text document, it does as it is supposed to. However, if I select a folder with child documents in the folder, it gives the correct total project count but zero for the selected folder. If I then click the options tab, but change nothing, then click the statistics tab, it does fine, giving both the project and folder stats.

I also notice that in the first case it compiles once, presumably to get the full project count. The second time, it compiles twice, presumably getting both the project stats and the selection stats.

Got it, thanks!