<b29> Can't change font size

I can’t see anyone having reported this one.

Mostly I rely on No Style but when I opened an old project just now and tried to change the font size inside a front matter document, Scrivener just ignores the change.

Changing the font family etc seems to work as before.
I’ve used this in the past, so it must be a fairly new issue.

(Just to be clear, I’m not trying to change a style, just override some local formatting)

I don’t seem to be having any problems changing the font size. I tried the dropdown from the Format Bar, and the keyboard shortcuts bound to Format ▸ Font ▸ Bigger and Smaller.

It shouldn’t really matter what folder or file the text is within. But it might help to know what font you are using, and which method of changing the font size.

I tried various fonts, including Times New Roman.

I select the font size for the bar below the Main Toolbar, i.e. the one that has drop-downs for:

  • Style
  • Font Family
  • Weight, etc
  • Font Size

Mostly, when I pick a font size Scrivener ignores it and 10 pt stays selected, but a few times it has changed the value in the list, without altering the selected font in the document.

I would try this in a very simple test on your end. Try creating a new blank project and typing in three words. Then double-click on the second word and try changing the font size.

If that works, then compare the settings between this vanilla project and your own. What sort of settings and tools do you have visible, such as Page View, rulers, Scrivenings view, etc.?

I don’t know what to say.

I did some general text editing elsewhere in the document,
Then I tried opening a new manuscript and successfully changed the font size inside of there.

Finally, I returned to the old manuscript and the document that had given me problems, and now everything worked as expected.

As far as I know, I haven’t made any changes to settings or UI-layout since I posted last, So I have no idea what changed.
(I did try a good number of times before making my initial post, so I’m 99,9% sure it wasn’t just a matter of me being all thumbs.)

Strange! Will perhaps in your previous session something broke internally at some point being the UI and the underlying code, and caused these tools to stop responding. Those kinds of bugs are very hard to track down, particularly since it may not have anything to do with font size in the first place—what broke may have been some button you clicked in the preferences pane 15 minutes prior, and the lack of responsiveness seen elsewhere are merely unrelated symptoms.

If it happens to you again, try to think of what you had done recently that might have led to that point, and after restarting the software, see if following your recent steps produces it again. If you get it narrowed down, then it may be something we can see on our side and fix.

Chances are though, it’s just a one-off gremlin you’ll never see again. Fingers crossed, anyway. :slight_smile:

I’ll keep my eyes peeled and report back it it crops up again.