[B29] "Not responding" message box when opening project from iOS

I have been meaning to report this for a while, but keep forgetting; it’s being on for many betas.

If I work on the current project on my iPad, when I next open it on the PC, I see this blank message box for a few seconds:


Then it disappears and the project opens fine (which is one reason I haven’t reported it before).

I use Dropbox to sync and don’t have any problems apart from this one.

See if you have Win Scrivener configured as follows: Options > Backup > Backup up before syncing with mobile devices (enabled)

If so, then whenever iOS changes are detected, Win Scriv will make a zipped backup.

If you have a particularly large project, this might take a while, and possibly the “Backing up project” window is hidden while the backup is in progress.

Just a thought!


Thanks. That is exactly how I have Scriv setup and I’m sure you’re right — that must be what is happening. However, I think it would be a good idea to tweak the dialog box to be more informative.

The “Not responding” in the header isn’t put there by the app, it’s put there by the operating system when something is keeping that thread unresponsive. If things are locked up enough that the system can’t draw the whole “backup” dialog then there’s nothing Scrivener can do to make it more clear.

Thanks for the clarification. I take your word for it (as I’m not an expert), but it’s interesting that I’ve never seen a dialog box anything like this with any of the dozens of other programs I have on my PC (which isn’t state of the art, but its fairly quick). With Microsoft Office apps, for example, when they’re waiting for Webdrive to download and open a file from the servers in my office, I get “Not responding” in the program’s title bar, which makes it clear what’s going on.